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Value For Money

The British taxpayer provides a very expensive diplomatic presence in Malaysia.  In view of the complete lack of reaction by London to the mega thefts by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib, and the massive money laundering associated with these, it is legitimate and important to ask what London is doing about all this?

Apart, of course, from holding summits labelled anti corruption and receving the thief Naib in London days afterwards. One explanation might be that, despite all its trumpeting against financial crime this British government is content to go on turning a blind eye to events in Malaysia.

It is not open to them to plead ignroance. If they have not been fully briefed by the High Commisson in Kuala Lumpur that office should be closed as very poor value for money! However it is much more probable that all  the facts have been reported back to London and it is there that the blind eye is operating.

Why should this be so when the present government are trumpeting loudly about combating corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.?  Could British financial and trade interests in Malaysia, built up over two centuries, have greater priority than the exposure, punishment and eradication of such crime?   The Brtish Prime Minister COULD answer that simple question but will he?   Not before the moon is confirmed as consisting wholly of green cheese, and maybe not even then.

Is it not understood in London that looking the the other way is as corrupt and shameful as actually stealing public funds?  Probably not since the government there is currently engaged in a campaign of lying and misrepresentation to try to keep Britain in  another of the world’s corrupt institutions.  Money, as they say, talks and currently it seems to be bellowing.

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