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Not A Stunt

Words used by BN to describe the attempt to sabotage the plane due to take Dr. Mahathir to Langkawi to file his nomination papers.

How true. It was not. It was a deliberate attempt by criminal BN to prevent Dr. M from taking part in GE14. Never mind what lies aspirant PM Zahid is retailing. Pay no attention to his crocodile tears.  Naib and BN are so afraid of the Dr. that they were ready to go to any lengths, including murder (for how else would a plane “accident” be described) to knock the Dr.out of the campaign.

Voters, especially Malay voters, should ask themselves why arch criminal Najib would attempt such a desperate manoeuvre? It proves that Najib and BN are so afraid of a PH win and the Dr. as the new Prime Minister, that they would go to any lengths, to achieve their object.

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