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Truth at Last

Now that Nomination day is over and the campaign begun even mega thief Najib will find it harder to censor speech and writing.  So for the coming, absurdly brief, period before Polling Day all Malaysians are free to speak out without being tossed in a PDRM cell or a cement barrel.

IF Malaysian voters do not throw out the arch criminal Najib and his criminal associates this time there will not be a next time to do so. If criminal Najib, aided by the corrupt Election Commission, succeeds in falsifying the result and claiming victory Malaysians can look forward to a period of dictatorship while Najib steals everything that is left and disposes of anyone who tries to stop him.

In the end of course US Justice will get him and he will end his days in an American superrmax jail. But why wait for that? Malaysia has enough jail space for him, the fat one and all their co-criminals.

All that is needed is to vote out BN and the rule of law can again reign in Malaysia in place of the law of the jungle currently imposed by Najib and BN.  It is up to you. Vote PH on the 9th and recover Malaysia, its good name, and your personal freedom.

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