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Not Just A Disgrace To The PDRM But A Major Crook?

Khalid Abu Bakar’s latest public comments on why the 1MDB mega scandal remains un-investigated by the PDRM validate what Assemblyman Tony Pua had to say about him. Except that Pua was too kind.

Khalidis not just a disgrace to the Police Force and to Malaysia but is also a major criminal and accomplice of Malaysian criminal official number one; now officially identified to us as PM Najib Razak.

It is in no way a credit to PDRM members of all ranks that no one has dared to do his sworn duty to arrest both these criminals. There may be some small excuse in that they are all aware that any prosecution of either for their multifarious crimes will be blocked by Najib toady and disgrace to the legal profession Attorney General Apandi.

Nothing, however prevents Khalid from arresting Najib and his criminal associates and obliging Apandi to act publicly to frustrate prosecution. Should Apandi do so, as of course he would, the Agong should remove him; something he has the constitutional right to do and, as most Malaysians think, the duty to do.

An honest police officer would do exactly that and Khalid’s failure to do so, coupled with his absurd excuses, proves that he is himself an accomplice to Najib’s crimes and should be arrested as such. No PDRM member, it seems, has the guts to duty his sworn duty in this respect, Such failure to act renders them accomplices and liable to dismissal, prosecution and long jail terms.

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