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The Return Of Sanity?

The cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words was proved correct once again with the appearance of a photograph of former Malaysian PM Mahathir shaking hands with unjustly jailed PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim in a Malaysian courtroom.

That they have buried the hatchet is good. That they should bury it in the skull of mega thief Najib Razak would be even better. At any rate it is a first step in re-uniting the forces of democracy in Malaysia against the criminal dictatorship of the odious Najib (and his controlling consort) which is certainly a step in the right direction.

Better still is Anwar’s request that the Courts rule unconstitutional that section of the national Constitution that assumes the assent of the Agong to new legislation if he has not given it in writing within three months of any such being enacted.

Unhappily it is not probable that the Courts will rule in his favour on this, both because the conditions for amendment of the constitution are clearly spelt out in that Document and also because Najib has not packed the Courts for nothing since becoming PM.

All such manoeuvring around constitutional points would be irrelevant if the Agong could summon up the courage to use his unquestioned and unquestionable power in the Constitution to dissolve Parliament. He is reported as thinking that such a step would be “too drastic” Why he should think so when the Prime Minister is an international mega thief and probably worse, and a total disgrace not just to his family but to the whole Malay community is difficult to discern; and probably unnecessary given his relations with the Najib duo.

This is what happens when a community or a country relies on its basic law and finds that those responsible will not, for whatever reasons, do their plain constitutional duty. Malaysia has a mega criminal Prime Minister; internationally recognised as such. And it is too extreme to allow the voters to judge him and his associates in a general election? Pull the other one as the vulgar might say. And they would be right.

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