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Not Quite So Deaf And Dumb After All

IGP Khaled, addressing a press conference called by him in Kuala Lumpur  to speak about the 1MDB mega scandal, began the process of distancing himself from the regime by claiming  that the PDRM had been diligently investigating the allegations raised by the PAC.

Saying that this would take time he stressed that his force was hard at work on this investigation and would even send officers overseas to make enquiries.

Of course in a normal country with a normal government and a normal police force these enquiries would long ago have been completed and those guilty, including Prime Minister Najib, lodged in jail pending trial.  As all the world knows Malaysia is not a normal country and has not been since arch criminal Najib took power.

Nevertheless Khaled’s words are the first crack in the dam of lies and silence erected by Najib to try to protect himself and his associates from the consequences of massive financial crime. Like all dams it has an air of solidity and permanence that lasts only until the first crack appears and those under it start running for their lives.

Very few Malaysians, if indeed any, have any respect for this IGP, and that includes his own Force but he has long been seen to possess a certain low cunning and a nose for the direction from which the wind is blowing.

It has taken the FBI report to finally blow Najib.s credit out of the water and show him as the mega thief he is.  Khaled can see this as clearly as the rest of Malaysians and he differs from them only in one crucial respect.

He has the authority, and the duty, to investigate 1MDB crime and to arrest any guilty parties. It is no longer an option to confine such action to lesser players in these mega crimes, such as 1MDB officials. The FBI report clearly identifies Najib as one of the thieves and his sole power over 1MDB proves that none of these crimes could have  been committed without his knowledge and approval.

So Najib is the number one target for the criminal investigation and he cannot effectivly be questioned until he is out of office.  T he best and quickest way to achieve this is to arrest him. Khaled has the power under the law to do this. If he lacks the courage to do his duty he can go to AG Apandi for authority and the latter will surely want to take this way out of a situation that will otherwise  see him as a pensionless ex judge wth a criminal record and a cell all to himself in prison.

You have started running, IGP. Now the motto must be: FASTER.

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