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You are, for the moment, Prime Minister of Malaysia and therefore bear ultimate responsibility for what the Malaysian government does. That includes civil and criminal responsibility for the massive thefts from 1MDB, SRC and, so far unrevealed, thefts from other public funds.

No serious observer of events can have any doubt that you are criminally involved in all this or that you have been using vast amounts of public money to buy the support of politicians to allow you to remain in office and, therefore, out of prison; which is where you and your accomplices richly deserve to be.

At the end of this week large numbers of Malaysians intend to demonstrate their disgust at your conduct and to call on you to resign the office which you have so disgracefully tarnished and misused. You have resorted to repressive laws, passed with the consent of your purchased MLAs, to try to prevent such public disapproval taking place. You will not succeed in doing that as you yourself recognise by trying to disrupt this peaceful assembly by using your paid thug “red shirts”

By doing that you are likely to bring about a situation in which members of the public, your fellow citizens, will be injured and possibly killed. The religion which you publicly profess clearly condemns all such conduct; as it does also your thieving and lying. Your religious adviser Inche Hadi will readily confirm that if you need confirmation.

So let us be clear. You are a criminal and you will face justice for your crimes even if you delay that day by using bribed judges, bribed senior police officers, and bribed thugs. Ask yourself where are Marcos, Suharto and other mega criminals from your part of the globe now? Crime does not pay; even mega crime as practised by yourself and your associates…

This is not a call for your departure from office. That is going to happen anyway and soon. But it is a warning that any attempt to disrupt the Bersih demonstration of public disgust with you and your associates will backfire on you and bring to an even earlier end your regime of fascist repression. You have been warned.

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