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Pennies From Heaven?

So Najib has found a further 300 plus million dollars to pay off the first half of the money 1MDB owes Abu Dhabi’s IPIC. He has still to find 600 plus million dollars to pay the rest of the debt. Where will that come from? No one in their right mind would lend 1MDB even one dollar let alone 600 plus million so he will have to get it from elsewhere,or declare bankruptcy. Maybe he thinks, quite wrongly, that he can win an election but he still has to find a lender.

The only one in sight is Beijing. It is presumably they who have provided the 600 million already paid since it is crystal clear that no one else would and they must have covered the payment with the spurious loan allegedly to fund the projected East coast railway. There appears no other reason to explain why they would have accepted a cost estimate for that project of twice the likely total cost.

All Malaysians should be asking themselves, and asking Najib,what he agreed to in Beijing in order to get that “loan”. Obviously a much greater CPG influence in Malaysia and equally obviously naval and military bases that much nearer to the Indian Ocean than those in mainland China. Along with that will come the possibility, even the likelihood, of a CPG takeover of Malaysia, albeit covered by criminal puppets like Najib.

What would the Malay community make of that? Suddenly no longer the boss class but a peasantry controlled by Chinese overlords. Just like old times with the Japanese though the latter took control where Beijing is buying it.

Even Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese community will lose out since they will be regarded by Beijing as unreliable and fit only for the work camps, with which Beijing has so much experience and expertise. So apart from the CPG, who will be the big winners in the sale of Malaysia process, there will only be losers. And these will include the US which is so foolishly supporting Najib. When Chinese warships are permanently stationed in the Indian Ocean, operating from bases in W. Malaysia, how effective will US naval power, relying only on Diego Garcia, be. One need not be an admiral to know the answer to that.

So the crunch point is imminent. Either the US receives Najib as a friend and ally, only to be stabbed in the back later, as are all Najib’s contacts, or it treats him as the mega criminal he is as established by its own Department of Justice. There is no third option.

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