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Learning To Cook

That is how IGP Khalid Abu Baker described his future after retirement on 4 September. Those who know what Khalid has been doing in recent years may be tempted to remark that he has nothing to learn about cooking. He cooked up arch criminal Najib’s narrow escape from arrest for theft by betraying his fellow investigators to the mega thief. Since he has protected Najib from many reasons for arrest and trial. Aided and abetted of course by that pathetic excuse for a lawyer, AG Apandi.

So Najib loses one accomplice and will now be dependent on Apandi to keep out of jail. Depending on Apandi for anything is something only an idiot would do. What can be said of an Attorney General who tells a Press conference he himself called that Najib is innocent of all crimes while at the same moment holding up papers proving Najib is a mega crook. Najib had better hope that Apandi is not so stupid that he forgets to breathe!

Clearly Najib would not have let Khalid go unless he thought safe to do so. If he can,and he has, arranged, illegally, for his friends in the judiciary to keep their jobs in contravention of the Constitution he has surely covered his base PDRMwise. Or has he? Will the new IG surprise us all by arresting Najib as his first official act? Have pigs been seen flying in the KL skies recently?

Poor Malaysia. A nice country, lived in by millions of nice people and yet wholly in the grip of a criminal mafia called UMNO, led by one of the biggest criminals the world has ever seen. Najib Razak.

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