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Perception and reality

Mega criminal Najib’s deputy Zahid recently claimed that the PDRM was “the best in SE Asia” according to some unknown rating system. If that meant best at graft, best at abetment of major crime, best relations with crime lords and best at breaking every law in the book that “system” might have had a point.

It is less surprising to have heard Zahid admit that ”in my own estimation” less than 20% of Malaysians agree with the “best in Asia” view, 20%?! Try 1% and then do the math. What percentage of the population of Malaysia is the hierarchy of UMNO? The figure will speak for itself.

The truth is that the PDRM is a totally ineffective organization. Not because it does not know how or what to do but because it is prevented from doing so by a criminal leadership headed by arch crook Khalid. His senior officers, who look the other way at his criminal behavior and refrain from arresting him for it, are accessories to his crimes and will pay the penalty in due course.

In passing it might be asked why cousin Hishamuddin, who is directly responsible for the PDRM, does nothing to deal with all this police crime in support of his cousin, arch thief Najib Razak. Ignorance? Hardly. Connivance. Certainly. He too will end up alongside his relative and the latter’s co-conspirators in Sg. Buloh.

Meanwhile Zahid might usefully open his eyes and shut his mouth, rather than doing the contrary.

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