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Plain Racist

UMNO president Zahid has, publicly, rejected an alleged approach from the Prime Minister. Whether any such approach was actually made seems doubtful as which honest Malay would wish to have anything to do with an UMNO leader accused of numerous criminal offences and who will soon face the Courts?

But even if Dr, Mahathir, acting out of innate decency, did offer the totally discredited UMNO boss a life line it is outrageous that the latter should have publicly rejected a private offer and, while doing so, expressed communal sentiments which should lead to yet further criminal charges against him.

There is no place for communalism and racism in modern Malaysia. Not only are such sentiments illegal when expressed publicly but they also disgrace their makers.  Zahid should realise that there are no “Herrenvolk” in today’s world and that status and privilege have to be earned.  They will not drop from the sky on to any community and to speak as he did should bring yet further criminal charges against him.

Unless and until members of the Malay community recognise that their racial affiliation is a matter quite separate from their status as citizens the poison of communalism will continue to hold back national development. That applies with equal strength to the religious based assertions of superiority peddled by the communalist party PAS.

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