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The MACC - Corruption In Sarawak

The news that the MACC reportedly carried out an “investigation” into high level corruption in Sarawak in 2015 is interesting. Assuming it was done with any measure of professionalism at all much criminal activity must have been uncovered. So why did nothing happen?

The answer is one word. Najib. If the next question is why did the investigation happen at all the answer is two words. Sarawak Report. Approaching a general election with multiple criminal allegations swirling about his head and that of BN, Najib was looking for a smokescreen and thought that an alleged enquiry into Sarawak corruption,naturally with no result, might be helpful electorally.

As a side issue PH should now look carefully at those in the MACC both who actually investigated (if there was really any enquiry) and those who processed the result. If anyone involved in that is still in the MACC they should go and those who have already left should be enquired into.

In any event Lateefa has a starting point for her new Sarawak enquiry. An empty filing cabinet! An enquiry prosecuted with any diligence will soon fill that. And see a large number of Sarawak personalities facing the Courts. All Malaysians will wish her and her staff well in their new endeavour.  It is time and past time that this stinking rat’s nest was cleaned out.

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