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Police Farce

The latest police scandal, involving officers of the highest ranks, would, in any civilized society, provoke outrage and immediate enquiry and action. Not in Malaysia. There it will pale into insignificance beside the scandals involving a mega criminal Prime Minister, aided and protected by the Attorney General and the IGP.

Who can be surprised by the discovery that many of the top police officers are in league with a notorious criminal boss. The top police officer of them all, Khalid Abu Bakar, is openly in league with the criminal Prime Minister so what is unusual about his, and his deputies’ connection to a criminal mastermind?

In any police force anywhere there are always likely to be rotten apples. Maybe just lower ranking ones taking bribes from traffic offenders or stall holders but still corrupt criminals destroying public confidence in the Police Force. In a properly run force these are soon spotted and rooted out to prison and disgrace.

But in Malaysia? Corruption is not just a path to higher rank but a pre-requisite. The proof? The number of very senior officers now publicly shown to be corrupt criminals and yet immune to enquiry, let alone prosecution and prison. This is a cancer which, if tolerated, will rot society through and through, which, in Malaysia, it has already done.

No one expects that anything will be done about all this mega corruption in the Police force. Not, at least, by the existing mega corrupt government headed by mega thief Najb Razak. A corrupt police force, headed by a criminal IGP and protected by a criminal Attorney General are all that stand between him and a lifetime in a prison cell.

The only remedy for this appalling and intolerable situation is to change the government and choose one which will restore the rule of law, put all the criminals, from Najib down, where they belong; in jail, and ensure honest and open government of the citizens of Malaysia.

Meanwhile let all those who should be correcting this appalling mess inside the Police Force do their jobs. Police Service Commission, MACC and the Courts. If arch thief Najib blocks, or tries to block such efforts that will merely reinforce the justification for a whole string of life sentences.

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