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Political corruption unit

New IGP Fuzi, ought to be, but is not, laying the groundwork for a dedicated unit to investigate all aspects of UMNO corruption after GE 14. This because the string of charges  to be brought against arch thief Najib will not be the end of the matter. Not by a long way. Throughout this Parliament UMNO personalities have engaged in widespread corruption and other crimes, blandly ignored by their puppet police such as former IGP Khalid.

Any current senior officer in the PDRM, and by that is meant anyone above the rank Superintendent, has the possibility of being the next IGP. This because the thorough survey of senior officers that the next government will have to carry out may well have to go a long way down the seniority list to find an IGP who is both competent and with a clean reputation.

So even though Fuzi will do nothing about this important planning issue, and will not allow anyone else to do so, at least openly, all those concerned should turn their minds to how to do this vital job. The one with the best ideas can look forward to the top spot.

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