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Political Landmine

Mega thief Najib’s own words when speaking about a proposal for single stream schools. Landmine indeed! Apart from bringing all Malaysians together from infant school status upwards it would weaken the “privileged status” enjoyed by the Malay community and would tend to teach young Malaysians that the concept of race is an outdated relic of colonial tutelage; and racial dictatorship before that.

No sensible person can defend the current system of racial streaming in education. It is a colonial concept now 60 plus years out of date. It allows governments to discriminate between students when it comes to scholarships, higher education and much else. Crucial, from the point of view of criminal Najib, it encourages young Malaysians to see race as more important than citizenship.

Of course, like much else in Malaysia, hereditary Rulers for instance, the school system is a relic of colonial rule where the British used the Malay inferiority complex to divide communities and so weaken any political opposition to colonial rule. This system blew up with a vengeance after the Japanese occupation when the Chinese community were led into attempts to break the societal model then in place; and still in place today.

Of course it is not suggested that resort to violence is the answer to anything. It is not. Nor is it needed. All that is required is that the young Malays of this and coming generations accept that advancement in society depends on individual ability and capacity rather than the notion of communal entitlement.

Najib and his fellow racial dinosaurs will never accept any serious change in the educational system because it would, after a while, destroy their power base and make it much more difficult for retarded criminals like themselves to capture total power and rob the State and the people at will.

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