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Watching Brief

Malaysian lawyer Jagit Singh has publicly announced that he has been retained by the N. Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur with a watching brief in the Jong Nam murder case.

He did not elaborate so one is left to wonder why this Embassy feels that it needs legal representation in this scandalous murder case. The Embassy and its accredited staff enjoy diplomatic immunity so that there can be no question of prosecution of any of them for things like abetment or conspiracy to arrange the Jong Nam murder.

Though obviously someone made those arrangements: It is public knowledge that Putrajaya permitted the departure from Malaysia of some N. Korean nationals who might have been linked to the investigation into this murder.

No explanation for that action has been offered by arch criminal Najib or anyone else subject to his orders. The public is entitled to know the full facts.

Can Inche Jagit Singh enlighten us? He ought to be able to do so since he stated publicly that he had helped what he called “three N. Korean suspects” to return to that country.

How? Who? Don’t be coy Jagit. If you are proud enough to say this in public you should be able to provide the details that the public have an interest in and a right to know. As the murder remains sub judice at present the public will have to wait to hear the evidence produced against the two women presently accused of the murder. Faced with the noose their tongues may be loosened. We will see.

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