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Prevention of Crime?

Or just the prevention of discovery of crime? The 2014 Act prevents unlimited renewals of tenure of Board members, limiting such to one of three years. A stipulation at the time intended to try to show some degree of impartiality in the enforcement of a law that would disgrace Hitler and Stalin, let alone “moderate Islamist” and arch criminal Najib.

Presumably some member of the Board has been bold, or more probably stupid, enough to suggest the release of some person detained under this Hitlerite law. So he or she must be replaced with a more pliant, preferably blind and illiterate person. UMNO should have no difficulty in finding candidates so qualified.

If this draconian and anti-democratic law is to serve any useful purpose a start should be made by detaining, without trial, arch criminal Najib and his fellow thieves. No problems then with judges finding them not guilty or joke Attorneys General finding no offence disclosed.

Will Najib order that? Dream on. You live in a dictatorship; not in a democracy.

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