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Mega Thief - Mega Briber

In a public announcement to a gathering of FELDA participants arch thief and mega briber Najib announced a series of totally unconcealed bribes to all Felda members. The criminal list follows.

First, RM.475 million to be shared out between 94,956 Felda settlers simply as a “reward” for ”supporting” the UMNO government. Each would get RM 5000. A huge increase on the usual bribe per voter handed out in the past by UMNO at elections and proof that Najib and his toadies are suffering from major vertical wind.

Next the, claimed, 25000 persons present were told about new incentives for them. First 519 million RM to 5000 settlers to “forgive their debts! And a further 13679 settlers who had not yet applied for this scheme could do so with the same “benefit” Additionally the very small proportion of settlers who had actually paid what they owed (some 1626 or one in every forty) would get RM1820 as a reward for being responsible about debt!

Next on the bribe list a series of goodies. Interest free housing loans would be given to any Felda settler asking for them. Next, RM7500 per hectare as a “re-planting” grant. These benefits to cost RM 166.6 million.

Finally a “special fund” amounting to RM 300 million to pay re-planting costs. The total cost of all this blatant election bribery would be RM 1.5 BILLION.

Apart from the criminal aspects of all this massive bribery and corruption Najib openly called on those who would get these benefits to vote for him and his fellow criminals in UMNO at the next general election. He would obviously prefer a ”no vote, no bribe” arrangement but will just have to rely on money hunger to produce the hoped for votes.

The best advice to settlers is take what you can get and then vote for the opposition who are the only people who can repair the vast criminal damage done to all Malaysians and Malaysia itself by Najib and his gang of thieves.

Another thing for the settlers to ask about is where is all this money to come from. Even by thief Najib’s standards 1.5 billion is a lot of money. From looting 1MDB perhaps? Plus what he has stolen from SRC and, beyond doubt, from other government cash piles. Such as Felda, for instance whose boss is the current fall guy in a massive funding scandal

This whole initiative is a clear bribe and Najib openly admitted that this was so; appealing for Malay support and even going so far as to quote his father’s support for Malays (so convincingly shown in the 1969 slaughter of very many Chinese Malaysians, encouraged by Malaysia’s second Prime Minister. Najib seems perhaps just to have inherited larcenous genes though the Altantuya, Moraes and Najadi cases might suggest he got the full set.

All Malaysians will now wait to see how the Twitter King and his goons react to such a public display of criminal activity by Najib. Twist their necks to look the other way most probably. And that paragon of justice, the Attorney General who sees no crime anywhere? Any public statement or Press conference this time?

What all this shows is that Najib openly treats all law and civilized political conduct rules as having no application to him and also believes that he is immune to all penalty for law breaking.

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