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Renewed Confidence. Why?

It cannot be a coincidence that on the day when disgraced former UMNO boss Zahid announces his return to active politics, and the UMNO top job, that fellow alledged mega crook Najib Razak asks, plaintively, why he is the sole target of the criminal investigation and prosecution authorities.

A less than independent observer could be tempted to say that this is because the relevant investigation and prosecution authorities are struggling dealing with so many outrageous cases at a time. If it is, then the remedy lies in greatly increasing the staff involved; resorting if necessary, to persons currently not employed by the Attorney General’s office.

But, leaving administrative and judicial competence questions to one side, it has to be asked why these developments have occurred? Zahid UMNO boss again? With dozens of criminal charges filed against him and, ridiculously, out on bail pending their trial? Najib moving from preening around Malaysia posing as bossku, to complaining that he is the only “fall guy” for BN’s mega pillage of public funds?

All that is way too coincidental to be happenstance. Many questions arise. Is the Registrar if Societies content that a man accused of multiple mega fraud can be allowed to hold the chief office in a registered society? Does he or she even know what is happening and, if so, what is being done to enforce the Societies law?

What has induced mega thief Najib to resort to public complaining about being a sole scapegoat? Mere petty stupidity, one of his more obvious personality traits, or apprehension and  information that all will be forgiven once he has been convicted and, perhaps subjected to nominal penalties?

These may be unworthy suspicions, unfounded in fact, but they are bound to be held, and probably voiced, widely in a Malaysia grown accustomed to mega tolerance of mega crime over a long period of time. So it s all the more important, and pressing, that the political authorities who control such matters make the correct position plain.  NOW

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