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Right To Garden Leave

In one of his most egregious public statements, while taking time out from promoting his “Bossku” image during his trial for gross kleptocracy, Najib tells anyone who will listen that fellow alleged mega-crook Zahid “does not need” any approval to resume the office of head of UMNO as he has merely been on “gardening leave”; an English euphemism the correct meaning of which has clearly escaped the “bossku”

Should we then assume that the bossku will shortly resume the post of Prime Minister on the ground that the electorate made a forgivable error in ejecting him from his robbers cave?

Anyone who, like Zahid, faces multiple charges of criminal activity would do well to keep out of the public eye, prepare any defences that might occur to him, and be grateful that indulgent authorities allow him bail when he ought to be remanded in custody given the gross nature of the alleged crimes.

Perhaps the most important lesson to be learned from these developments is that the government does not appear to realise the necessity of dealing effectively and rapidly with the consequences of decades of criminal activity by a major national political party and its “leadership”


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