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Robbing Hood.

The original, from Nottingham (whose University is so close to arch thief Najib), reputedly robbed the rich to help the poor. Trust Najib to misunderstand and to rob the poor to help himself!

It is time, and past time, for the Malay community in Malaysia to realise that the party that claims to protect their interests actually protects nothing but their corrupt selves.

From Najib down, to Minsters, to party bigwigs, to local level UMNO branches, all are on the take; using public money. YOUR money. Taken from you in taxes and through the cost of living to fill their pockets with billions of ringgit and hang diamonds round the necks of their doxies.

What do you get out of all this? Land to plant through FELDA. Where do you think all the Felda money has gone? And gone it has as the report shows. Or would if Najib would publish it. Why does he not do that? Because it shows how the funds of Felda have been stolen by him and his cronies. Are you happy about that?

Will you re-elect him and his fellow thieves so that they can go on stealing whatever is left of the people’s money? There is still the Chinese loan to steal; if Beijing are silly enough to let him have the money. And a Chinese naval base at Port Klang. Happy about that?

The Malay community has the majority. Use it to put these criminals in prison and elect a Malay led honest administration to clean up Najib’s mess, improve the lot of the poor and pay the cost of keeping Najis and all his dirty friends in Sg. Buloh; for life.

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