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How very true!

All Malaysians should heed the words of PAS deputy leader Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man when he attacks enforcement agencies in Malaysia for not acting to investigate the crimes listed in the US DoJ’s latest report.

He says, rightly, that Malaysian agencies are best placed to make these enquiries and take necessary action. He does NOT go on to explain why he, his party leader Hadi and PAS members are supporting UMNO, which is led by the same criminals named in the DOJ report.

Why not? Is he merely pretending to express moral outrage without doing anything practical about what has happened and is continuing to happen? Has Hadi ordered him to be silent on that? Is the imposition of Koranic law in Malaysia more important than effective action against those Muslims in UMNO who are so hugely and so publicly guilty of breaching that law?

Is he in fact, an honest faithful follower of Islam or just preaching what he and his party have no intention of respecting? Only he can say. Please do so now.

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