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Sarawak Satellite Positioning


A Sarawak political party which supported BN in the general election. And which has now ratted to the election winners, proposes a new political entity to be called Gabungang Parti Sarawak.

Of course, there is nothing new about it, being composed of parties that slavishly supported BN under the orders of Taib Mahmud and Abang Openg.

These two were the first to rat to PH when the election results were known; presumably in the hope of avoiding awkward criminal enquiries and of keeping billions in ill-gotten gains; derived from selling Sarawak’s oil rights to Najib’s father in return for a blind eye to the mass rape of Sarawak’s tropical forest. A crime now nearly consummated to the immense profit of the Taib tribe (Lebanese members included), and leaving Sarawak without oil rights and a bare rural wilderness.

GPS is, of course, nothing more than a cover for crooked Sarawak politicians to try to make a deal to keep their ill-gotten gains and avoid any criminal investigations. Mega crook Taib presumably thinks that his Federal Parliament members will produce the two thirds majority needed for any constitutional changes that PH may want to introduce.

Wrong. There are now no less than 17 election petitions to decide. Without wishing to prejudge or prejudice the results of these it is fair to say that, on the record of BN election cheating, most if not all will succeed. And be followed by an accretion of PH strength in the Assembly to make crooked Sarawak support unnecessary.

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