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Go Now!

A Malaysian lawyer has called on the CJ,Raus, and the President of the Court of Appeal to go at once instead of on July 31st. as they propose. He is right!

There is no question that these two judges are in office in defiance of the Constitution. It must be presumed that as qualified lawyers, they know the legal position and therefore they can only be seen as contumacious towards the law. Not a pretty position for the country’s two top judges.

The fact of the matter is that arch criminal Najib, with the assistance of the Agong, illegally extended the periods of service of these two. And who better than they to know the law, know that their extensions are illegal and still persist in holding office and, worse, making judgments which they both KNOW are without legal validity being made by persons pretending to be members of the judiciary.

And now the supreme insult. They try to justify staying in place until the end of July on the basis that “there are outstanding judicial affairs to be resolved”! There certainly are and by illegally staying on the Bench they add to them on a daily basis.

In the face of such contumacious insolence there is only one course to take. Stop their salaries, deny them access to the Court buildings and begin an investigation into the criminal offences they and others committed in the matter of their extensions. The new AG can do this. And he should.

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