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Seditious and confusing”

This is reported to be the verbal reaction of IGP Khalid to a remark by Zaid Ibrahim to the effect that if one is a crooked Prime Minister all one has to do is to appoint a crooked Attorney General and the Court will not interfere.

A perfectly accurate remark on the current state of justice, or rather injustice, in Malaysia. Yet Najib’s ignorant, lickspittle, crooked cop called it seditious and confusing. Presumably he is unaware of the meaning of the word seditious and is “confusing” it with veracious. What is true cannot be seditious in any sense of that word.

To continue, what is confusing about Zaid’s remark? There is a crooked Prime Minister. The whole world knows that as well as his BN ministers and dedak eaters. He is a crook. And a mega crook at that.

So far so good, Accurate statement. Next. “crooked Attorney General.” That is also a true statement. Who but a crook would officially and publicly declare Najib innocent while at the same time holding up public proof of Najib’s guilt? That goes way beyond stupidity and proves crookedness.

What all this incident DOES prove is that the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the IGP are three crooks engaged in a puerile attempt to claim innocence. Like the stain of murder which hangs over the Najib regime it won’t wash.

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