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Thief’s Progress

Immediately after entertaining, at public expense, very large numbers of free meal seekers in Kuala Lumpur, arch thief Najib left for Bali in Indonesia. That fact is public. What is not public is how all this is being paid for.

Some questions. What aircraft was used? The “Prime Ministerial” jet? What has that cost the taxpayer; so far? Who were the other twenty-three persons in Najib’s party? Who paid the cost of their travel? Silly question really. You did.

The misuse of taxpayers’ money continues. They are staying in a 5 star resort and at least 12 rooms have been reserved there for this group. How much will all that cost and, even more pertinently, who is paying the bill? You again.

Najib, resorting to his usual delusions of grandeur, will use the resort’s Presidential suite. That is as near as he is ever likely to get to being a President though maybe the Agong should start to worry about his own future.

Not content with all this blatant misuse and waste of taxpayers money Najib, and presumably his hangers-on, will leave Bali for Perth in W. Australia later this week. No reason is given for this further misuse of public funds. Maybe the Australian jewelers have a better stock for the hippo to choose from?

Whatever that extended visit says about arch thief Najib what does it say about the Australian government which must have approved the visit. Even in distant Strine, with all its Botany Bay memories, mega criminals are not, or should not be, welcome. It will be interesting to see what official reception the thief receives from a government which has nearly broken its neck looking the other way. Surely even they would balk at taking him in when he has to run for it?

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