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Silly Salleh

Minister Salleh Said Keruak has publicly described the leak of the Auditor General’s report into the 1MDB crimes as “undermining national security” and “treason”

In fact the term treason has no legal connotation in Malaysia though Salleh appears not to know that.  But if it did it would refer to giving aid or comfort to the enemies of the Agong. Quite how a leaked report fits into that description is not clear; especially as the Constitution requires the Reports  of the Auditor General to be sent to the Agong who, in turn, is required to lay them before the Legislative Assembly.  So the criminal offence here is down to whoever classified the 1MDB Report as a “secret”!

Of course everyone in Malaysia, even bone head Salleh, knows why Najib tried to conceal this totally damning Report.  It convicts him! So why try to pretend otherwise?  For money of course. Najib to try to cover his thefts and Salleh for payment received.

The other ludicrous statement of Salleh, describing the leak as undermining national security is equally fatuous. How? Letting the taxpayers know how their money was stolen and by whom?  Informing those few that dont already know it that the PM is a mega criminal? Or even just that Minister Salleh is a booby better employed on the honey wagon than in government.

National security HAS been undermined.  Not by leaks but by the criminal Prime Minister himself who has destroyed Malaysia’s reputation as well as stealing vast amounts of its cash. Better for Salleh to concentrate on those facts if he wants to make any more public pronouncements.

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