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A Timely Reminder

Addressed to the senior officers of the PDRM who are near enough to developments in Kuala Lumpur to know that your IGP and his master, Najib Razak, are engaged in a series of criminal acts and that, as with all police officers, you have a duty to detect and prevent crime.  You ought not to need any reminders about criminal offences but so that none of you can later plead ignorance or memory failure you are all invited to refresh your memories as follows.

Malaysian Penal Code

S.107. Abetment

S.120 Criminal conspiracy

S. 161 Corruption

S.221 Failure to arrest.

Done that?  Now ask yourselves how you will defend yourself against charges that you did not act against the criminal in command of your Force?  Up to now you might have pleaded that the apparent evidence against Najib was not supported.  But now you have the Auditor General’s Report into 1MDB. You will not be able to plead that this Report is an “official secret” since, as senior officers, you are supposed to be familiar with the Constitution and know what ought to have happened to it.

That Report discloses evidence of criminal actions by a number of persons and also, most importantly, of abetment of that illegal activity by one Najib bin Razak.  So any police officer who knows of such offences and fails to act against those committing them is guilty of some or all of the sections of the Penal Code quoted above. Penalty? Jail.  Loss of pension . Loss of public respect.

Is that how you want to end long, and so far successful, police careers?  Think about it. There is not much time left before failure to act becomes evidence of complicity.

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