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Smoke and Mirrors

Arch criminal Najib announces that Sarawak BN leader, minority Malay Abang Johari, has a plan to link up with Sarawak’s SUPP. So Sarawak’s toady party will get into bed with a party founded by Chinese communists. How desperate can he get?

There was a time when Sarawak elections could be bought for rice and small change. No longer, it seems.

Desperate measures by a desperate criminal who sees the prison bars drawing nearer all the time.

On the same day as Najib’s announcement there was also another. Petronas have allocated the development of a new gas field off Borneo to a Japanese company. That is only possible because corrupt Borneo politicians sold Sarawak and Sabah’s greatest natural asset to Putrajaya in return for unspoken permission to rob their peoples of their other natural asset; timber.

There has been much political froth about the Borneo States getting a bigger share of what is theirs anyway. And more such may well come with the election campaign.

Dream on. Najib and his fellow thieves will NEVER give up Borneo oil. It’s what they live on and it provides the basic fu

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