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Bent by Age?

Or bent by personality? A question arch thief Najib would find it difficult to answer.

To attack one’s elders and betters on grounds of age is despicable as well as childish. Tun Mahathir has rendered long service to the people of Malaysia and to his former party, UMNO; before it fell into the hands of a group of mega criminals.

Now, faced with that dismal reality, and believing as strongly as ever in Malaysia and its future, he has consented to take up his former role BUT only as a temporary substitute for the wrongfully imprisoned Anwar Ibrahim.

Until injustice is put right Anwar cannot take up his rightful place at the head of PH. So the Dr. aged as he may be but as sharp as ever, will sit in Putrajaya on a purely temporary basis.

If Najib really believed that he can win GE14 he would not bother to attack Dr.M. It is because he knows that the Malay community is now aware of his criminal behaviour and will therefore choose PH that he attacks the Dr. For being “too old”

How about Najib being discarded as being “too crooked and corrupt” UMNO should do that but won’t. He has bought the lot. With YOUR money.

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