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So Very UMNO

UMNO member of the Assembly Tajuddin is reported as saying that the Assembly can “suspend me for ever. I don’t care”.  If he did in fact make that exact statement it encapsulates UMNO’s attitude towards the voters. Vote for us but pay no attention to what we do and do not do seems to be their watchword.

What a comment on democracy!  In effect it amounts to saying “after you vote us in keep looking the other way from what we do” And well it might as its leaders appear in Court.

Worse still, none of this appears to matter to MLA Tajuddin who seems to think he has some right to do whatever wants, whenever he wants, regardless of the law, religious constraints or even simple civilised behaviour. If he continues in that line he will qualify to rival mega crook Najib as a model of all that is wrong with politics and community in Malaysia in the 21st. century.

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