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Who Is Hiding What?

A junior Minister in the Sarawak state government is reported as saying that making State Ministers declare their assets is wrong and insincere! In that brief statement are encapsulated forty years of theft and corruption!

What is wrong with such declarations? If such Ministers have only their official salaries as income where is the problem with declaring that. They are, or should be, doing that anyway to the Income tax authorities.

If they are fortunate to have other legitimate income where is the harm in sharing that information with those they ask to elect them?

It is, of course, when it come to illegitimate income that problems arise for crooked politicians. The last thing they want to do is declare such illegal gains; let alone pay taxes on them.

This is just one more instance of the total moral deficit and criminal culture that has marked Taib and his associates for the last forty years. The “Minister” maybe able to hide the truth for a short while yet but after the upcoming State election he will have to answer, along with all his fellows, for the criminal actions of Taib and the GPS.

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