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Special Court

Arch criminal Najib is being rightly criticized for mixing himself in the opening of the “special court” for sexual offences. Of course he has a personal interest in such matters having, among other things, paid lawyer Shafee RM9 million to prosecute Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on trumped up charges of sexual offences.

Does he perhaps want a special court and a special judge in case he has any other political enemy to victimize? That may be why he showed such personal interest in the opening proceedings?

In any case, in a rare show of independence, the judicial/legal world united to criticize him publicly for his intervention. Since the fat lady was standing next to him do we correctly draw an inference that personal considerations have played a part in the institution of this curious judicial creation?

The whole corpus of Malaysian criminal law relating to sexual matters is hopelessly out of date, left in place by those influenced by 7th century sexual mores. A thorough review and necessary repeal should take place. This, if nothing else, would prevent corrupt criminal politicians from misusing out dated laws to imprison their political opponents.

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