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Talk Is Not Performance

Newly appointed IGP Mohamad Fuzi told Malaysians that he would look into deaths in police custody and police corruption. Do we take it that there are no outstanding enquiries on either of these two important issues? Can the new IGP enlighten Malaysians on that point? If there are why has nothing been done? If there are not why not?

Malaysians will want to be fair to the new IGP. Maybe past silence by him and other top ranking police officers derived from fear of or the orders of the ex IGP, now head bus conductor,Khalid. Understandable if not personally creditable.

Now things will change says the new IGP. He will look into everything. Excellent. He could best start by investigating the many criminal actions of his predecessor. Of course any prosecution would be blocked by idiot AG Apandi, on the orders of arch criminal Najib but that is no reason not to enquire. The next government and the next AG will act on the evidence that Inche Fuzi has or ought to have collected.

If Inche Fuzi genuinely wants to clean up the PDRM he should start with the senior ranks. A serious enquiry will produce ample evidence to warrant internal disciplinary action even if criminal proceedings are blocked by Apandi. Let us see what he has to say about that aspect of his new command.

The Malaysian public are willing, despite endless evidence of PDRM malfeasance, to give the new broom a chance to show how well it can sweep. But that does not mean months, or even years. It means now

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