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Shutting Mouths

One of the areas of expertise of Najib Razak is that of shutting mouths. So no surprise to learn that former IGP Khalid has been made the boss, of all things, of a bus company. It is probably decades since Khalid travelled by bus since he has always had taxpayer funded cars to travel about in. Obviously the real work will be done by somebody who knows about bus companies and Khalid will simply draw the doubtless fancy salary of the boss.

In case he should have some spare time from bossing the bus company he has also been appointed as a”special envoy” To whom is not spelled out but it certainly won’t be the FBI or any other US enforcement agency as they would simply arrest him. Pyonggang perhaps, where he is better known for co-operation over airport murders. Here again he will not actually be required to do anything but will be richly paid for inactivity.

Presumably he and Najib discussed all these benefits when Khalid learned that he was being dropped, and not extended as he hoped. He should remember that he is now a pensioner with no immunity other than Najib’s say so. His former subordinate now sits in Bukit Aman and bears him no goodwill. So we may even see the decline and fall of Khalid before a new government deals with him as it should, and certainly will.

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