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The Plot Thickens

All criminals worry about betrayal by their fellows for material gain and or immunity from prosecution. The criminal Najib clique are no exception and there are increasing signs that some of his closest (and most involved) criminal supporters are beginning to have doubts about the wisdom of continuing to support him.

As the proverb has it the rats are the first to desert a sinking ship and the Kuala Lumpur rat clique have more to worry about than a possible watery grave. Such as life imprisonment in Malaysia’s far from fragrant jails.

Faced with such a prospect it takes a hardened criminal, or a classic fool, to ignore it. Najib has both in the ranks of his current supporters; among them those more hard headed who can see a dead man walking when they encounter one; especially in Putrajaya.

So it is not really a matter of who will be first to rat Najib out but rather who will be stupidly in the rear and left facing the music. That’s a decision currently facing his remaining supporters in UMNO and the civil service and it is causing a lot of angst.

When it becomes a matter of jumping ship the brighter co-criminals will be among the first to leave with among the last his criminal Inspector General of Police and his ludicrous Attorney General (he who “cleared” Najib while waving papers proving Najib’s guilt! Anyone as stupid as those two are bound to be last in the queue and all the more certain to follow Najib into jail.

Think it over rodents. There may not be another chance to abandon ship.

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