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Dealing With Criminals

Conventionally this is the task of the police and the prosecuting authorities. However when these are both corrupt and directly personally involved in crime other methods have to be used.

This is the present position in Malaysia. The Chief of Police is a corrupt lapdog of the mega criminal Prime Minister. The Attorney General, who has control of prosecutions, is another Najib lapdog. Thus prosecution of Najib and others remains blocked for the present.

What then to do? Fortunately a simple solution is at hand and it involves the political party that put Najib in office and keeps him there; UMNO.

Leave the electorate out of consideration for the moment. They would be involved only if the Agong had the courage to do his constitutional duty to dissolve Parliament. What keeps Najib in his office and able to misuse his power, is his control over UMNO, or rather its central committee. They drop him and Sungei Buloh gathers him up.

At present, by a mixture of bribes, paid from funds stolen by him from the people, and threats, Najib remains in control of the UMNO committee. The members of this presumably still think that Najib can escape the consequences of his criminal actions and remain in power. Or maybe they just think about the next bribe they can extract from him to keep him in office?

What they OUGHT to be thinking about is what will happen to them post Najib. He won’t rule for ever. He won’t live for ever. In fact his reign is drawing to its criminal close and what UMNO committee members SHOULD be thinking about is what will happen then? One thing is sure. If they continue to support Najib they will occupy adjoining prison cells with him and his Lady Macbeth of a wife.

There is only one road to avoiding that fate and it is to stop supporting him and elect a new President untainted by Najib and his crimes. The price of this could be immunity. They would have to negotiate this themselves and they know where to go. Better lose no more time. Soon it could be too late

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