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The Tide has Changed

So alleges BN Minister Rahman who tried to talk up the ringgit in a public declaration. Well, in one sense, he is correct. The tide certainly has changed and BN’s long, corrupt, grip on Malaysia is fading faster every day.

As to the ringgit the only reason that it remains relatively stable is that the Bank Negara has spent prodigally from its reserves to secure that result. It can go on doing so of course; until the day arrives, as it inevitably will, that the reserves are exhausted. Then the ringgit will collapse, becoming no more than the jamban paper substitute that Najib has worked to make it.

His own massive loot has, of course, long since been changed into real currencies and hidden abroad in corrupt countries that, while pretending to be upright, actually look the other way at money laundering.

In that context it is legitimate to ask why the enormous sums in Najib’s Singapore accounts have not been seized and the necessary prosecutions undertaken. Waiting for Godot?

When the tide goes out it either sweeps away the rubbish it has earlier covered or leaves it exposed to the gaze of all. Does Minister Rahman not know this? He has only to open his eyes.

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