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All forms of corruption?

The Chairman of the MACC Advisory Board has said that the MACC should deal with all forms of corruption in the Police, even at “the highest level”

If this was aimed at IGP Khalid it is welcome, if long overdue. Whether the MACC will take the advice of its Advisors is, of course, another matter entirely. On its record to date, over several years, it is likely to continue to walk past Bukit Aman with eyes firmly closed. Let us see if the Commission takes or ignores the advice of its Advisers.

It is a pity that, when focussing attention on police corruption, the Board did not extend its advice to the Commission to go after mega thief Najib and his crooked UMNO associates. Safee, for instance, who has yet to explain what the millions he got from Najib were for. Everyone knows that that money was public money stolen by Najib and then rendered invisible to the hawk eyed Attorney General Apandi.

It is sad, but true, that the MACC have utterly failed to do their statutory duty in respect of Najib and his crooked associates. No anti-corruption body is of any value if its eyes can be blinded by political considerations. The next government should abolish MACC and its Advisory Board and install an efficient and incorruptible body in their place.

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