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Thug Politics

Malaysia’s domestic Press today shows a photograph of UMNO cadre Jamal Yunos swinging a sledgehammer at a representation of opposition politician Zaid Ibrahim.

The message from UMNO is clear and unequivocal. Oppose us in any way and you can expect the same fate as a whole string of past critics; cement barrels or shootings or murder in some other form.

In a civilized country, which Malaysia apparently no longer is, the Police would take action against criminal intimidation of this kind. It is doubtful if IGP Fuzi or his subordinates are even aware of the relevant section of the Penal Code. But if they are it is certain that they will take no action against Jamal over this incident.

And if the “victim” fears for his life and safety, as he says, he need not hope that the “forces of law and order” will protect him.

The message from Jamal, which remains un-condemned by his boss arch criminal Najib, is clear. Oppose me and mine and this is what will happen to you. Malaysia. Democracy or dictatorship? The voters will have to decide.

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