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Lame Duck

Relative, and toady to arch criminal Najib, Hishamuddin looked as though he had been outmaneeouvred in any attempt to solidify his position as heir to his cousin in the UMNO power structure.

No open attempt to secure his position in the Party; as was arranged for Najib and Zahid. But blood is thicker than water and Zahid, willing or not, had to announce that Hishamuddin retains his position aa a “senior vice President” of UMNO.

This was not voted on at any time, presumably because of doubt that such a motion might fail to pass. Just a later announcement by Zahid. Presumably arch criminal Najib did not dare to make that announcement himself and ordered Zahid to do it.

So what does this childish manipulation tell us? First that Hishamuddin does not have the support that would ensure his re-election. Second that respect for democracy is not something that Najib cares a jot about. Third that Hishamuddin may know things that Najib prefers to keep secret. Like missing passenger jets? Fourth that democracy is a dirty word in UMNO circles, especially when it comes

to protecting family and those who know too much

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