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Trying for the impossible

Yet another of arch thief Najib’s joke Ministers, this time Salleh Said Keruak, has made a public fool of himself by calling for punishment of any news portal that appears to be insulting Najib.

In the first place, it is impossible to insult Najib. How do you insult a man who has stolen billions of public money, abused freedom of speech with repressive “laws” and tried in every way possible to deny that he is an abject thief and the model of a corrupt politician..

Secondly why threaten news outlets with unspecified “punishment” when the law allows defamed persons to go to the Courts for redress? Why has Najib not sued the hundreds of people who have condemned his criminal activities? There can be only one reason. What people say about this arch crook is true in every particular.

Does Minster Salleh have no regard for his own reputation which should be more important to him than Najib’s? Does he want to appear publicly as a deluded fool incapable of recognizing criminality when it is under his nose? What sort of a “Minister” is a person incapable of seeing fact as fact? Not worth even one ringgit of his ministerial salary and perquisites has to be the conclusion.

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