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Ventriloquist’s doll

The name is Mohamed Puad, who is described as a member of UMNO’s Supreme Council. Whether this is accurate or not he certainly publicly demonstrated that he is stupid enough to qualify for that office in his recent Press statement.

Put briefly he said that he could take the place of Najib in a public debate to which Dr. Mahathir had challenged to the Prime Minster to take part. In an unusually offensive, for a Malay, statement he suggested that Najib being Prime Minister and the Dr. a person without government office it was not seemly for the former to be so challenged. Had he forgotten that the Dr. was a former PM and President of his, now totally discredited, Party?

Therefore he claimed that he, Puad, was the right person to debate on the UMNO side! Was that decided at an UMNO Council meeting in the presence of Najib? Did the latter, afraid to debate in public, try to find a substitute UMNO spokesman? If so he seems to have chosen a puffed up frog in the shape of Inche Puad; who would never be Prime Minister in a million years.

In possibly the most significant part of his statement Puad claimed that Najib was being invited to the event so that he could be embarrassed! What a delicate way of saying that he could be asked what public money he had stolen? What perversions of justice, at 9 million a time, and in other ways, he had arranged? What links he has to the murders of ex mistresses, bankers and crown counsel?

And a thousand other disgraceful and criminal actions he has taken both as Prime Minster and, earlier, as Minister of Defence? Embarrassed? Booed out of sight would be the least that could happen and he knows it. Hence PP, Puppet Puad.

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