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Be prepared!

Was, and is, the motto of Britain’s Boy Scouts. Now it seems that Malaysia’s boy scout Defence Minister Hishamuddin has adotped it. Speaking about the coming general election he said that we (UMNO) will face many questions which we must be prepared to answer.

Very true. They will. The much more difficult part will be to find the answers. Why did PM Najib steal billions of public money? Because Rosmah needed more diamonds? Because he is a compulsive thief who can’t keep his hands off other people’s property? Because , in addition to buying diamonds, jet planes, holidays abroad etc. etc. he also likes to buy elections. Just to stay out of jail, of course.

These are possible answers to one question that will be posed to arch thief Najib, hopeful replacement Hishamuddin and indeed to UMNO supporters (where there still are any) all over Malaysia.

Or the truly ignorant may ask who is MO1 even though one of Najib’s ministers has already given a public answer to that question.

Why has Najib not rebutted the public statements by the US DOJ and others about his mega thefts and those he permitted Jho Low to make?

Why are his assets frozen in Singapore, a friendly neighbor?

Why did his bodyguards murder Altantuya and destroy her corpse with explosive which only he could release from Defence stores?

Why did he pay Shafee 9 million ringgit to conduct, if that is the right word, the persecution of Anwar. And what made the Appeal Court disallow a fully justified acquittal and are the two questions linked?

That is just a small, very small, selection of questions that can be posed to Najib at GE 14. No doubt his flaccid sidekick Hishamuddin could list many more. It is the answers that both will have insurmountable problems with.

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