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Votes For Sale

Sarawak State elections have always been falsified by vote buying on a massive scale, accompanied by threats of what would happen if voters abandoned BN.  Added to that there has always been the totally dishonest claim by BN that it is “Perintah” (the government) and those areas voting against it would be deprived of all state support. These are facts which BN cannot deny even if they troubled to.

On top of this blatant lying and intimidation BN have taken advantage of the poverty of many of the indigenous people of the State by openly bribing voters at polling time; both with small cash paymenrs and “treating” with food and drink.

All these activities are, of course, illegal and should have resulted in electin results being overturned.But because both the Police and the Election Commission are corrupt and/or intimidated most of these offences are ignored. In the few instances where election petitions have been brought the Courts have invariably ignored the evidence and upheld the results.

It is legitimate to ask why BN bother with elections at all. The answer lies in the Malay psyche which prefers corruption over force to get the resut desired. This also allows a pretence of democracy to persist as opposed to open dictatoship and the trouble and expense involved in maintaining it; both anathema to Malay politicians.

Sarawak differs from Peninsular Malaysia in that the majority of its population are neither Malay nor Muslim so that the built in Malay majority that exists in W. Malaysia is not available at election time. Hence the abuses detailed above. What is not given must be bought; whether by money or threats or by false promises does not worry BN in the least.

A hopeless situation for Sarawakians?  NO. There is an easy solution which is to vote BN out. If the non Malay majority finally realise how and why they have been cheated and robbed for fifty years they CAN vote BN out by a majority that even a crooked government cannot overlook or manipulate.  BN know this. That is why they are spending unprecedented sums in bribes and making wild threats and promises to get votes.  They KNOW they can lose. YOU know they can lose.  So just do it! Vote them out!  Remember your heritage and your pride in your communities and your land.   JUST DO IT.

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