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Hands Up!

Arch crook Najib is to be seen every day n Sarawak with both aarms stretched above his head. Its just as well he is getting in practice for the day when armed police arrive telling him “hands up” before taking him away to jail.

The current hand raising is part of his purchase of the Sarawak State election into which he has poured hundreds of millions. Not, of course, from the billions that he has stolen from  Malaysia but fom Malaysian public funds illegally,yet again, diverted from proper use to corrupt  personal use .It appears that he thinks that if he buys this election,Najib style, he will be able to claim that he and his fellow criminals are the popular choice.

What nonsense! Only a crooked fool like him or the other BN directors could so deceive themselves. One supposes that self deceit will have to satisfy him since no one else will be so foolish as to think likewise.  All that  will be proved is that if criminals spend enough of other peoples’ money in vote buying and intimidation a false result can sometimes be obtained.

It is up to the voters in Sarawak to teach him ad BN otherwise. BN will give you nothing beyond the election cash bribes and the false promises that they wont keep; just as in the past. To them a majority is a licence to steal whatever they can in the following five years.

Of course Najib will have been long in jail by that time but Taibenan and his fellow crooks will extract every last ringgit they can; and what will be left then? Your forest exported. Your oil sold and your lands stolen. Thats what will happen if you again elect BN.

You dont have to.  You can have a free, rich, Sarawak which will provde the things you need for yourselves and your children. All you have to do to enjoy such a future is:   VOTE BN OUT.

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