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Wait and See

The quoted response of top Treasury civil servant Irwan Serigar when queried about how Malaysia would pay the second mega instalment of its debt to IPIC which is due at the end of the month.

So the public have no right to know how Malaysia will pay its debts? Or the Treasury simply don’t know how the debt will be paid? Another Beijing loan perhaps?

One thing is certain. The debt will not be paid with money stolen from 1MDB by arch thief Najib and his accomplices, most of whom are still out of prison; where they belong.

And this is the Prime Minister and party that will soon have to justify their misconduct and criminal behaviour to the voters. Of course civil servants do not have to be elected and are supposed to obey rules of conduct. Do these rules allow them to insult the public by ignoring legitimate press enquiries? Maybe the Financial Secretary can elucidate?

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