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Deliberate Criminal Negligence

The latest of so many Sarawak scandals is the leaking Bengoh Dam. Never mind that criminal politicians and their businessmen paymasters have stolen the natural wealth of Sarawak; its unique tropical forest. Now it becomes clearer that the whole high dam program, vaunted as modernising the State, is nothing more than another means of cheating the natives people of the State to enrich certain Malay/Melanau politicians and their Chinese paymasters.

Destroying the environment is a moral crime. Stealing the proceeds of that destruction a legal one.

But both pale into insignificance beside wanton indifference to the lives and property of the same native people. Who cares if dams fail? If people drown or are beggared as a result?

Not the politicians. They have already had their cut and will probably try to steal any funds provided to compensate for disaster. It’s what they do and have done since Malaysia started.

There is only one thing to do with people of that sort. Kick them out of office and then lock them up in jail. Soon there will be a chance to do exactly that in GE14. Don’t waste it!

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