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We played golf!

Better than playing footsie, one supposes, even with Altantuya. Mega crook Najib was careful not to make any references in the Assembly to his promises to President Trump to bring huge amounts of Malaysian business to the US; the only thing that interests Trump so far as Malaysia is concerned.

But status DOES matter and the difference between the treatment afforded to the Singapore leader and Najib points up that the former is a respected head of government and Najib is a notorious crook, publicly so described by Trump’s own Department of Justice. A lot of business in the States is done with foreign crooks. Business, after all, is business and if the money is good why enquire further?

The ONLY reason Najib got even a foot in Trump’s door was his fake promises to bring business. Dreamliners for Malaysian airlines? A no interest loan to keep the struggling national airline afloat would be more like it!  But no good asking Trump for that. Go peddle your begging bowl elsewhere would have been the answer.

In any case Trump, who has limitless intelligence at his disposition, knows or should have known that Najib will be the Hilary of the next Malaysian election and in no position to bring any business to the USA. Maybe Trump does not know that there is no golf course for inmates of Sg.Buloh.

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