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City Rep pays flying visit to Malaysia

That, of course, was not the headline in Malaysia’s papers recording the arrival of Prince Charles, nor, to be fair to him, was it his intention to so act or even be perceived.

The responsibility for that lies elsewhere. In fact in London where business and commercial interests profiting from Malaysia used their political influence to push through a visit that should stink in the nostrils of Whitehall. As it must also in the case of the Heir.

In the latter’s case he cannot do otherwise than accede to the request of No.10. which latter, it seems, cannot ignore City pressure. Money, proverbially, has no smell so no smelling salts needed in London where profit continues to triumph over morality.

But, in the longer term, real damage has been done. Not to the politicians from whom such behaviour is normal and expected but to the name of the House of Windsor. People are known by the company they keep, even where they have little option in the matter; though there is always the excuse of the “diplomatic illness”

The coming weeks and days will see triumphant cries from mega thief Najib Razak and his co-criminals that they have been “cleared”. The Prince, they will holler, would not visit a criminal. Ergo they are not guilty. Maybe this too is what London wants. Certainly the City does who do not care how dirty the money is so long as they can get their hands on it.

It used to be called Great Britain. Now it is in danger of seeing a change. To Graft Britain.

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